1. Pre-Submission Preparation
  • Read the Author Guidelines: Ensure you understand the journal's scope, mission, and submission requirements.
  • Check Article Type: Confirm that your manuscript fits one of the journal's accepted article types (e.g., original research, review, case study).
  • Ethical Compliance: Confirm that your study complies with ethical standards, and you have necessary approvals (e.g., IRB approval for human research).
  1. Manuscript Components
  • Title: A concise and informative title that reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the work.
  • Abstract: A clear summary of the main findings and significance of the research, not exceeding the word limit specified by the journal.
  • Keywords: A list of relevant keywords that will help indexers and search engines find your paper.
  • Introduction: Contextualizes the research, states the objectives, and highlights its multidisciplinary importance.
  • Methodology: Detailed enough for replication, highlighting any multidisciplinary approaches.
  • Results: Clearly presented, with appropriate use of tables and figures.
  • Discussion: Interprets the results, discussing the implications and limitations, and suggesting future research directions.
  • Conclusion: Summarizes the main findings and their significance in advancing multidisciplinary knowledge.
  • References: Ensure all references are accurate, complete, and formatted according to the journal's guidelines.
  • Figures/Tables: Check that all are clearly labeled, described, and referenced in the text.
  1. Formatting and Style
  • Follow Journal's Style Guide: Adhere to the specified formatting, citation style, and any other presentation requirements.
  • Language: Ensure the manuscript is grammatically correct, clear, and concise. Consider professional language editing if necessary.
  1. Supplementary Materials
  • Supporting Information: Include any additional data, figures, or materials that are not essential to the main article but enhance understanding.
  • Cover Letter: Prepare a cover letter explaining why your manuscript is a good fit for the journal, its novelty, and its multidisciplinary impact.
  1. Authorship and Contributions
  • List of Authors: Ensure the correct order and that all authors meet the journal's criteria for authorship.
  • Contributions: Clearly state the contributions of each author to the work.
  • Conflicts of Interest: Disclose any potential conflicts of interest.
  1. Permissions and Rights
  • Previous Publications: If parts of the manuscript were published or submitted elsewhere, ensure you have the rights and permissions for re-use.
  • Images/Third-party Material: Confirm you have permissions for any third-party content and it's properly attributed.
  1. Final Checks
  • Proofread: Carefully proofread the manuscript for typos, errors, and clarity.
  • Checklist Completion: Confirm that every item on the journal's own submission checklist (if provided) has been completed.
  1. Submission Process
  • Online Submission: Familiarize yourself with the online submission system and prepare all necessary information (e.g., author details, affiliations).
  • Document Format: Check that the manuscript and supplementary files are in the required format(s).
  • Confirmation and Records: After submission, ensure you receive a confirmation, and keep records of all submission documents.

Once all these items are checked off, you can be confident that your manuscript is ready for submission. Remember, thorough preparation and attention to detail can significantly influence the smooth progression and eventual success of your submission.

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