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The primary objective of the current research is to develop a novel lyophilized nanoemulsion (NM) of Nimodipine (ND) to improve its oral bioavailability and stability. Triacetin, cremophor RH40 and PEG600 were identified as oil, surfactant, and co-surfactant respectively. It was then optimized using BBD and the optimized nanoemulsion was further lyophilized with trehalose as a cryoprotectant to improve the long-term storage stability.  NM and its lyophilized NM showed globule size less than 200 nm with more than 75 % drug diffusion within 30 min. A pharmacokinetic study for lyophilized nanoemulsions exhibited a fivefold increase in bioavailability. Lyophilized F4 showed improved stability due to the conversion of nanoemulsion into solid form by lyophilisation using trehalose as a cryoprotectant.  Hence lyophilized nanoemulsion of ND can be prepared for improved oral bioavailability and stability.


Diffusion Study Gobule size Pharmacokinetic study Thermodynamic stability

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Chinaza Adaobi, C. ., Pratap Mishra, B. ., Fiavor, F. ., Akanzabwon Asaarik, M. J. ., & Agyepong, N. . (2022). Phase Preparation of Lyophilized Nanoemulsion of Nimodipine for Enhanced Stability and Biopharmaceutical Presentation. Convergence Chronicles, 3(3), 689–700.


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