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An electric field in the dielectric barrier electrode system is necessary for ozone production because ozone is    produced by the electric discharge of O2under a high-intensity electric field. The gas discharge plasmas contain energetic particles, such as electrons, ions, atoms, and radicals. The recombination of the O atom and O2 in the plasma will form O3. In this paper, the dependence of DC electric field formation on electrode  geometry  and  the  gap  between  electrodes  and  dielectric  materials  were  examined  by  using computational  modeling. Thus, a  set  of  electrode geometry,  gap distance,  and  dielectric material  were  obtained  for  high-intensity  and uniform  electric  field  generation. The COMSOL Multiphasic software was used for the modeling. Among the electrode geometries of plate-plate, pin-plate and mesh-plate, the mesh-plate generated high-intensity and uniform electric field. In  the modeling,  dielectric materials, including quartz,  mica,  alumina,  and  water,  were  compared. The highest intensity of electric field occurred on the water surface


COMSOL Multiphysics software, Dielectric barrier discharge High-intensity electric field Ozone production

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CHANKUSON, P. ., & NISOA, M. . (2021). Simulations of High Non-Uniform Electric Field in Dielectric Barrier Electrode System. Convergence Chronicles, 2(6), 437–448.