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The field of evolution of leadership theories and management practices is continuing to emerge. The scenarios in the contemporary L&M practices are changing with elements of other theories developing from history. For instance, the holistic concept of leadership developed through phases incorporating evolutionary and transformative nature. The practical aspect of L&M practices challenges the nature of developments of future theories and practices. The identification of leadership theories and management practices re-examine the historical concept of leadership and management practices. The research article discusses the issues to critically evaluate the evolution of leadership theories and management practices. However, numerous databases were used, the search was done utilizing some of the precise phrases in order to obtain the desired result. Leadership theories, the evolution of leadership theories, management practices, and the developing nature of management practices are among the words. The Google Scholar platform and Wiley Sources are used to evaluating peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed papers from various academic and non-academic publications. the review and evaluation of the leadership and management practices reveal some of the critical new directions to future developments. L&M practices a leader's visionary nature and forms policies and governance for the management of people within the organisation.


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Owusu-Addo, A. . (2022). Critical Evaluation of the Evolution of Traditional and Contemporary Leadership and Management Theories. Convergence Chronicles, 3(1), 579–585.