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This cross-sectional study was designed to investigate the quality of drug prescriptions from the prescribers’ perspective under the national health insurance scheme. A sample size of sixty prescribers consisting of thirty-three doctors, twenty-two medical assistants, and five midwives was selected for the study using purposive sampling technique and data collected from them using a structured interview guide and informal discussion. The study revealed that 90% of the prescribers said the drug list was limited in scope whereas 10% said otherwise, 80% of the prescribers claimed that NHIS did not permit them to prescribe suitable drugs outside the drug list as against 20% a who claimed they were allowed to prescribe outside the drug list.  80% of the prescribers said they had difficulty prescribing for multiple health conditions under the NHIS, whereas 20% said they had no difficulty prescribing for multiple health conditions. However, from the prescribers' perspective, the NHIS has substantially affected the quality of drug prescriptions in the New Juaben Municipality. Among the important recommendations suggested were that the National Health Insurance Authority should widen the scope of the drug list to enable prescribers to write suitable drugs to treat clients and The National Health Insurance Authority, Food and Drug Board, Ghana Medical Association, and Ghana Pharmacy Council should collaborate to procure quality dugs for the Ghana health services.


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Boateng, E. . (2022). Quality of Drug Prescription from Prescribers Perspective Under the National Health Insurance Scheme. Convergence Chronicles, 3(1), 523–528.