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This research looked at the factors influencing undergraduate English language students' attitudes toward the study of literature in order to better understand how to teach literature in ESL classes. All university undergraduate English students made up the study's population. For the quantitative parts of the study, a simple random sampling procedure was used to pick 10 undergraduate students from each of the year groups, yielding a total of 40 respondents. Eight students from the population and two university language teachers were chosen for the study's quantitative component. As the research tools, a Likert-type questionnaire and an interview were used to collect data in both qualitative and quantitative ways. The researcher validated the instrument's face and content to make sure it meets the necessary standards for accuracy, appropriateness, and completeness. The results showed that the majority of the University's undergraduate students had a bad opinion of the study of literature. This was a result of their familial history, issues relating to teaching or teachers, or preexisting school-related circumstances. The majority of the students had a bad opinion of studying literature as a result of the aforementioned problems. Numerous students did not use the SHS libraries, according to the data. It was also discovered that many students disliked their literature classes since they thought the topic was tough. The results also showed that students' attitudes about the study of literature had an impact on how well their English language skills developed.


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Prof. Beverly Kracher, Creighton University, USA

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Kracher, B. . (2023). Factors Influencing the Attitude of Undergraduate English Language Students towards the Study of Literature. Convergence Chronicles, 4(1).


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