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Dr B. R. Ambedkar has articulated that “Caste is the natural outcome of certain religious beliefs which have the sanction of the Sashtras, which are believed to contain the command of divinely inspired sages who were endowed with a supernatural wisdom and whose commands, therefore, cannot be disobeyed without committing sin” (291). It clearly establishes that the caste has an intrinsic relationship with religion. If we go back into the origin of the caste, we have to cite ‘Purush Shukta’ of the Rigveda which talks about the origin of four Varnas. In the age of Smritis and subsequent periods, the caste turned into a hereditary system. “Caste in India means an artificial chopping off of the population into fixed and definite units, each one prevented from fusing into another through the custom of endogamy”


Bama’s Karukku Caste Hierarchy Sashtras

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Shushil , G. ., & Sonker , S. K. . (2020). Bama’s Karukku: A New Dimension of Caste Hierarchy. Convergence Chronicles, 1(2), 65–75.