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All the theories that vouch for an impersonal method of artistic expression are presented with an intriguing game of binaries by the literary genre technically labelled as ‘autobiography’. The literary critics are forced to revisit the centuries-old question of whether an artist is entitled to narrate his own story from a subjective point of view. The subjective-objective narrative technique binary gets complicated in an autobiography when one seeks answers to the question of ‘truthfulness’ or the social realism in a text. If an author is supposed to give value to the social reality in his/her artistic expressions, the experiencing self of the writer cries for space in creative art. When a writer is writing his/her own story, the experiencing self cannot be denied space in the literary expression. This is the highlight of autobiography writing across continents, especially in the tech-savvy and information hungry generation of the millennials.


Soul Writing autobiography Tukda-Tukda Jeevan

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Kumar, A. . (2020). A Sensitive Soul Writing out its Fragmented Existence: A Study of Kaveri’s Autobiography Tukda-Tukda Jeevan. Convergence Chronicles, 1(2), 61–64.