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Patient satisfaction is one of the sensitive indicators in determining the effectiveness of service rendered in hospitals. The study focus on comparing the health care services of two cardiology-based corporate hospitals in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. The data for the study was collected through a questionnaire consisting of two sections. An attempt has been made to elicit information on the socio-economic background such as age, sex, education, nativity, profession, the income of the patients to assess the background of the patient. The satisfaction levels of the patients like admission process, comfort facet, information on food facilities, level of care taken by the concerned, working of the business office, and discharge procedures are measured. The instrument is tested for its reliability and validity. The collected data is analyzed by applying descriptive and inferential statistical techniques such as means, standard deviations, and ANOVA-one way tests for testing the hypothesis that the perceptions of patients are indistinguishable with respect to the performance indicators. It is concluded that the perceptions of the patients on the performance in two hospitals do not significantly vary.


Service quality, Service economy Service providers Influencing factors

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Rao, B. S. ., & Sreenivas, T. . (2020). Effectiveness of Service Delivery in Cardiology Based Corporate Hospitals. Scholars Journal of Science and Technology, 1(5), 131–138.