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We provide a scheme for the synchronization of two chaotic mobile robots when a mismatch between the parameter values of the systems to be synchronized is present. We have shown how meta-heuristic optimization can be used to adapt the parameters in two coupled systems such that the two systems are synchronized, although their behavior is chaotic and they have started with different initial conditions and parameter settings. The controlled system synchronizes its dynamics with the control signal in the periodic as well as chaotic regimes. The method can be seen also as another way of controlling the chaotic behavior of a coupled system. In the case of coupled chaotic systems, under the interaction between them, their chaotic dynamics can be cooperatively self-organized. A synergistic approach to meta-heuristic optimization search algorithm is developed. To avoid being trapped into local optimum and to enrich the searching behavior, chaotic dynamics is incorporated into the proposed search algorithm. A chaotic Levy flight is firstly incorporated in the proposed search algorithm for efficiently generating new solutions. And secondly, chaotic sequence and a psychology factor of emotion are introduced for move acceptance in the search algorithm. We illustrate the application of the algorithm by estimating the complete parameter vector of a chaotic mobile robot.


optimization search algorithm chaotic dynamics psychology factor of emotion chaotic sequence

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Lin , J.-H. . (2020). A Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithm for The Synchronization of Chaotic Mobile Robots. Convergence Chronicles, 1(4), 101–110.