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A way to enhance the performance of a model that combines genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic for feature selection and classification is proposed. Early diagnosis of any disease with less cost is preferable. Diabetes is one such disease. Diabetes has become the fourth leading cause of death in developed countries and there is substantial evidence that it is reaching epidemic proportions in many developing and newly industrialized nations. In medical diagnosis, patterns consist of observable symptoms along with the results of diagnostic tests. These tests have various associated costs and risks. In the automated design of pattern classification, the proposed system solves the feature subset selection problem. It is a task of identifying and selecting a useful subset of pattern-representing features from a larger set of features. Using a fuzzy rule-based classification system, the proposed system proves to improve classification accuracy.


Pattern Recognition Genetic Algorithm Fuzzy logic medical Diagnosis

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Ephzibah, E. (2020). Cost Effective Approach on Feature Selection Using Genetic Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic for Diabetes Diagnosis. Convergence Chronicles, 1(2), 41–53.