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Convergence Chronicles is a Journal of Multidisciplinary Synergy previously known as Scholars Journal of Science and Technology, published by Scholar Indexing Society and serves as a prestigious platform where the boundaries between traditional disciplines blur, encouraging a fusion of ideas that propels new forms of understanding and innovation. The title itself is an invitation to scholars, thinkers, and practitioners to step beyond their domain confines and engage in a dynamic conversation that enriches all involved fields.

Scholars Journal of Science and Technology
Volume 4, Number : 4
July 4, 2023
Current Issue

Vol. 5 No. 1 (2024): Convergence Chronicles

Convergence Chronicles stands as a beacon of excellence, firmly committed to disseminating high-caliber, rigorously peer-reviewed scholarly articles that highlight the immense power and boundless potential inherent in multidisciplinary studies.

Published: December 14, 2023

Occupational Stress among Senior High School Teachers in Ghana

238-252 Isaac Sardello Kodzo Agbesi

Exploring Workplace Fulfillment: A Study on Principals in Ahafo Ano North's Public Elementary Schools

263-275 Badu-Yeboah Emmanuel, Kyeremeh Dennis

Evolving Strategies and Practices in Physical Education Assessment

253-262 Abubakari Alhassan, Tabiri Ibrahim

Socioeconomic Factors on Women's Career Advancement in Higher Educational Institutions (HEI)

301-325 Bernice Tiwaa Asumadu, James Bright Nyarkoh, George Kafui Agbozo

Measures to Improve Participation in Physical Education among Basic Schools

285-292 Tabiri Ibrahim

The Impact of School Infrastructure on Student Participation and Attitude towards Physical Education in Basic Schools

276-284 Abubakari Alhassan

Training Effects on Lecturer Motivation and Satisfaction: Examining UEW's Distance Education Approach

215-229 Prince Korang Antwi-Boasiako, Ahmed Mohammed

The Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Statement Integrity: A Study of Accounting Irregularities in South African Firms

221-237 Nnuroh Emmanuel, Kwami Hope Quao

Optimizing Educational Leadership: Identifying the Advantages of Delegating Authority in School Administration

293-300 Clement Addo-Fordwuor, Augustine Owusu Addo, Francis Dela Amouzou

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